Scikit-multilearn follows the widely employed copyleft licensing of the scikit community and is licensed BSD 2-Clause “Simplified” License. You can:

  • Use, copy and distribute the unmodified source or binary forms of the licensed program
  • Use, copy and distribute modified source or binary forms of the licensed program, provided that all distributed copies are accompanied by the license
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GPL library dependency

Some of the sub-functionalities of the library uses and depends on GPL-licensed libraries:

  • skmultilearn.cluster.graphtool depends on GPL licensed python-graphtool module for Stochastic Blockmodel functionality
  • skmultilearn.cluster.igraph depends on GPL licensed python-igraph module for community detection methods

Using any of these modules incurs GPL on your codebase, thus for commercial purposes for network-based label space division you should be using the skmultilearn.cluster.networkx module which is depends on the well known BSD-licensed liibrary NetworkX.

Note that none of these libraries are installed by default.